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L2CAP Enhanced Retransmission Mode getting stable

After more than 4 months working daily at ERTM, here at ProFUSION, we have now a functional and much more stable implementation. Several potential crashes have been fixed, and missing features were added. Also the code was checked against the Profile Tuning Suite(PTS) test software. That software is the official test software from Bluetooth SIG to qualify Bluetooth stacks and the result is that right now we are also passing all PTS tests.

On the bug fixes front, beside the kernel crash fixes, a lot of ERTM behavior bugs have been found and fixed. Some of them made ERTM flow crazy, but we have been able to discover and fix them all. Obviously there might be other bugs in the code, but I haven’t found them yet. ;)

New code added: All missing events and actions from the ERTM spec were implemented, they should be working properly now. Among them we have the Local Busy handling, Invalid Frame detection, etc.

The PTS software helped a lot with the ERTM development, I’m sure that we are much more compatible with others stacks now after fixing L2CAP to pass all tests for Enhanced Retransmission Mode, Streaming Mode and FCS.

Now I’m aiming at make the code base even more stable looking on the mainlining of this new part of the L2CAP code inside the Linux stack.  All the code should be available and enabled by default on the 2.6.36 release. If you wanna help testing use the for-next branch of my git tree: