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Google Summer of Code has come. Again!

For the second year I got accepted on the Google Summer of Code project to work with the BlueZ organization. My project this year is to work on the DUN Client. DUN is the Dial-up Network Profile, it provides access to the Internet and other dial-up services via Bluetooth.  My project intends to do the DUN client only, but if I have time at the end of the project I’ll work on the DUN Server too.

The implementation will make changes in BlueZ, ConnMan and oFono. Most of the changes will be inside oFono. There, we need to use the AT command parser and the  PPP stack (recently added to the oFono repo). The work consist on integrate everything and implement the missing parts of the AT command parser and the PPP stack, and the DUN agent.

On the BlueZ part the work will be the service export for DUN Data Terminal role and and the DUN Agent server to register agents and pass the RFCOMM file descriptor. For testing purposes we can use the Serial API in the beginning. That work is very similar to what we did for the HFP this year.

The ConnMan integration: ConnMan will setup the NAT and the  Internet connection. The DUN integration on ConnMan is similar to the PAN integration(still a work in progress) , so we can reuse part of that implementation.

That’s it.  I’ll post updates here during the development of the project. Now let me code. ;-)

Also, congratulation to the others Unicamp (University of Campinas) students that were accepted on GSoC too. :-)

  1. Congratulations my dear friend Bread!

    Have fun coding a summer of code on winter time :-)

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