Hi, I am
Gustavo Padovan

Mover, Entrepreneur and Software Developer.

Open First at Collabora!

Kernel team Lead, Client Relationship Manager and Partner at Collabora, a well respected Open Source Software consultancy that helps top companies in the world create the next generation of technology with Open Source Software inside.

Co-founder of the linuxdev-br conference

After many years traveling around the globe attending, and speaking at Open Source and Linux conferences I felt we did not have a forum like those in Brazil, to talk about upstream development of Linux technologies. So, in 2017, together with two of my best friends, Bruno Dilly and João Moreira, we co-founded the Linux Developer Conference Brazil - linuxdev-br is its short name - is a conference born to be international. See our mission.

Linux Community member

I spent a decade as developer and maintainer in the Linux Kernel community. First in the Bluetooth subsystem as developer and co-maintainer, and later on in the Graphics and Media subsystems, during that time the DRM/KMS Atomic Modeseting API happened. Among other things, that helped unifying display drivers for Android, ChromeOS and Linux generic stacks. Nowadays I work in the connection between the community and the business world.

Open Source Advocate

During high-school, in 2004, I was also doing a IT basic course, writing my first few programs (in Pascal!). I remember a Linux introduction workshop once, given by a Free Software group from Unicamp, the University of Campinas in Brazil.

That group was called GPSL (Grupo Pró Software Livre in Portuguese). It was my first exposure ever to Free Software and its filosofy. However, it still took me more than a year until I managed to install Linux for the first time. There was no way back, it hooked me! 2 years later I was a Computer Science, B.S. freshemen at the same university. The guys who taught me about GNU/Linux back then at high-school became my friends, and quickly I was a quite active member of GPSL. My first patch to the kernel was during that time and the rest... is history! The cute flying cow you see here is Mooks, GPSL's mascot. :)

Life Student

I truly believe in being a life student. Everything is an opportunity for learning and then do better next time. There are no mistakes. I've been practicing to be more open to the world everyday; it's a constant struggle. But day after I am trying to be a better human being in everything I do, listening more and giving back more. Loving more.

I have an interest in the intersections of few areas of knowledge such as Open Source, Complex Systems, Syntropic Farming, Communications, Business, Economics, Philosophy, Psychology and more.

But maybe my biggest interest and fulfillment comes from my Movement Practice. Through that practice, I learn more about myself and the people around me. For as weird it may seem, in this practice we explore what is this thing of living in a body. I share a lot about it on my Instagram. Reach out to me if you are curious.